Mukhya Mantri Jal Swavlamban Abhiyan: a Revolution to Resolve Rajasthan’s Water Scarcity Problem

Rajasthan – a state proud of its royal culture and intriguing architecture, is the largest state in the country. Geographically, it spreads across 342 lac hectares of land, out of which 60% constitutes of the Thar Desert. Water scarcity is a prevalent problem in the region as it suffers from the lowest amount of precipitation in the country throughout the year. The high growth rate of the population also raises the per capita water requirements. This called for a need to launch a mission, which can collectively work towards better water management techniques and related activities in the state. To serve the same purpose, the government has laid down the groundwork for Mukhya Mantri Jal Swavlamban Abhiyan. Its vision is to guarantee a successful execution of water gathering and protection related exercises in the rural regions of the state.


Need for MJSA

A few water preservation ventures have been actualized in the past by various State Departments, but it was observed that these endeavours were needed to be synchronized on a larger scale, which could be achieved by the MJSA program. It has been designed in such a way that everything – from planning to execution should be followed in a participatory approach till the village community level. During the first year, around 3529 villages on the priority basis will be identified, and in the coming 3 years, by including around 6000 villages every year, 21,563 villages in the state would be benefited by the mission. A permanent solution would be achieved by making them self-sufficient in terms of water. This will help in creating sustainability for water in the state.


Contribution of the Society

The active participation of the community has depicted their concern towards the matter and their willingness to contribute. A recent example of the Mangalam Group can be considered, with a donation of Rs.21 lacs for the campaign in order to strengthen the project. On 6th March, around 100 RAS officers cleaned Parshuramdwara Bawri at Amer Road, under this scheme. Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje has also announced to contribute her salary of six months to support the Jal Swavlamban Abhiyan. She did shramdaan in village Saalawaali of Neem-Ka-Thana tehsil, Sikar District and village Gularia, Churu District to express her utmost support for this initiative and encouraged other residents as well. Dedication of this kind will surely open the path for the seamless accomplishment of such an ambitious scheme. This will spread acknowledgement for the water productivity measures across the state and motivate people to donate to the cause as well.


Hon'ble Chief Minister’s Vision for MJSA

CM Raje firmly believes that in order to make this campaign a success, participation of common people, representatives, business institutions, and social organizations should be ensured. Residents should be instructed in the best way to utilize water wisely. She envisions that the success of this mission will bring mitigation to the lack of water concern in the state, conserving the four water sources i.e. Rainfall, Runoff, Groundwater and Soil moisture to spread happiness all around. She has marked 2016 as the year of #JalKranti for the state of Rajasthan. By sharing the same vision as the Chief Minister, you can take part in this noble campaign and show your support with a donation, and encourage others to do the same.