Amazing work done till now in Vasundhara Raje’s MJSA Campaign

CM Vasundhara Raje launched Mukhyamantri Jal Swavlamban Abhiyan with a desire to find a long-term answer to water shortage issues and create a water-sustainable environment in Rajasthan. Since its inception, much work has been done under the campaign and desirable results are observed all over. 
Let’s talk about some of the successful scenarios. First comes the district of Banswara. To accelerate the on-going work on different levels under MJSA in various villages of Banswara, JCB machine is being operated in two shifts working for several hours. It has been observed that work happening in 11 Panchayat Committees is at full force.

Village Dumaria of Rupwas Panchayat Committee, which is about 65 km away from district headquarters, has WHS built Sheesham work done. Rs. 5 lakh has been sanctioned under operation for Dumaria’s WHS built Sheesham work in Rupwas Gram Panchayat Samiti. This task has been started from March 1 and nearly 4 million has been spent on the task. This campaign has given a supplement to villagers and collective coup construction making non-command areas greener. Sajjangarh area has got itself 3 lakh worth of personal farm approved under NREGA scheme which brought happiness among the residents. They thanked MJSA campaign as it has increased the availability of clean drinking water and for irrigation purposes which are nothing less than a miracle. Moreover about a kilometre away from the Jogarpur village, a new tube well has been installed. The water coming from it has been easily fulfilling the needs or 10 adjacent villages to it. Villages of Jogarpur, Sawakoh, Lakshmipura, Ganeshpura villages etc. come under Jogarpur Four Water Concept District.

In Bikaner, thousand of litres from Rain have filled water sources. Water sources in District’s remote areas are making village people water-sufficient. The water source with the capacity of 50 Thousand litres built at Naalbari’s Gurudwara is filled with the first spell of rains in the city bringing happiness all over the city. Under the roof water harvesting structure, this water source has been connected to numerous roofs for more functionality. If we talk about Udaipur, it is the district in Rajasthan with most work done under this campaign. From its valleys to mountains, forests, plains, and around the water resources, the large-scale plantation has commenced. People from all sorts of life have taken part in these plantation ceremonies all over the city. Women showed equal interest in this operation as well. Participation from Forest Department has also been overwhelming and large numbers of water structures of various shapes and sizes have been built till now. This is just a glimpse of total work. All this is a proof that though the world is facing a threat from rising water requirements, this campaign has brought a positive ray of hope in the grim situation. As seen by the work done till now, with the lead of Vasundhara Raje and hard work of people will continue to yield positive results in making Rajasthan water resilient and sufficient with the operations.