Program Features

  • Making village self-sufficient in water & creating "Islands of Excellence"
  • Four year program, each phase of one year
  • Launched across 295 Blocks of 33 districts
  • Peaple's participation
  • 5Mobilizing financial resources from multiple source- Line Departments, NGO, Corporate houses, Religious Trusts, Non resident villagers, Social groups etc.
  • Use of technology
  • Construction of low cost water harvesting structure

Program Objectives

  • Emergence of self-water reliant villages
  • increase in ground water level and reduction in depletion
  • Availability of surface flow in the main stream of watershed
  • Increase in availability of drinking water
  • Increase in irrigated and cultivable areas
  • At list 40% rain-fed area to be brought under irrigation
  • Increase in crop production
  • Change in the cropping pattern